I Like The Sound Of That is a music marketing and experiential agency delivering meaningful brand partnerships and creative consultancy.

We enable brands to engage with consumers and artists.



And with meaning.

Individually, we live and breathe music. Collectively we share our passion through ideas and activities.

We create and sustain inspired connections.

What We Do

Our marketing experience includes strategic planning, campaign management and measurement of sponsorship and marketing campaigns, planning as well as running and evaluating small, medium and large scale events in the UK and internationally

We also have years of hands-on music industry experience in artist liaison and talent management, national and international live activity, single and album campaigns, tour planning, marketing and promotions and running labels.

As well as working with clients who have a range of new and ongoing music projects, we are able to create projects for brands and artists.

I Like The Sound Of That has a very strict policy when working with brands – “No Badge Slapping”. We only bring partners together who have a long term view and will work with integrity in music.

As the music model changes and artists get more involved in building their own careers, we offer label services to cater for artists and labels, in need of practical support and unique marketing campaigns both in house and through our extensive range of highly creative and skilled strategic partners.

Working solely in music, I Like The Sound Of That is built on creative energy, professional management and originality.

Independently owned, we thrive on a culture that makes us vibrant, fresh thinking and driven by results.

About Us

"Satin sheets are very romantic - what happens when you're not in bed?"

Well that’s a rather leading question – we’ll keep the answer clean. We’re a marketing company bringing brands and music together to create lasting, meaningful experiences for everyone involved. We’re busy at gigs and festivals so don’t always spend as much time in bed as perhaps we should. And we’re not sure that satin sheets ARE that romantic are they?

“What does it matter to you, when you've got a job to do?"

It actually matters a great deal. Our reputation comes from delivering outstanding results time and time again. This isn’t a job – it’s our livelihood. And we love what we do. All of our work comes from word of mouth. So we must be doing something right.

“How soon is now?”

Well immediately would seem to be the obvious answer. And sometimes we do get asked to pull together a project ‘yesterday’. We’ve done it before and no doubt we’ll do it again but the best partnerships tend to come from lots of time to plan. We like to put plenty of thought into what we do. Individually, as an agency and with our clients.

“Are we Human or are we Dancer?”

Bit of both actually. Catch us on the right night and you’ll see some serious ‘shapes’ being thrown.

"Doesn't anybody stay in one place any more?"

Yes. And no! But actually, thanks to rather marvellous technology, it’s possible to be in contact all the time, even when you’re on the move. And we like to embrace this technology to enable artists and brands to engage with each other and their audiences whenever and wherever they want.

"Do you believe in rock and roll? Can music save your mortal soul?”

We do believe in Rock and Roll but we also believe in and love lots of other kind of music thankfully. We listen to all sorts in the office and BBC 6 Music is our radio station of choice. Is there anything wrong listening to a bit of progressive house on the way to work?

And, yes, we believe it can save your mortal soul – and make you feel mighty fine in the process.

“Who will find you the answers when you don't understand?”

It’s what we’re here for – to help provide answers. And we will ask all the right questions until we do understand. And then help others to do the same. In the most engaging way possible.

"Don't you feel like trying something new? Don't you feel like breaking out, or breaking us in two?"

Well, we’re not really into breaking anyone into two but we’re always up for trying something new. And breaking out. We like to push the rules to the limit. Bend them. Stretch them. And when it makes sense, just break them. Originality is harder and harder to come by – sometimes, not always but definitely sometimes, you have to be brave to be brilliant.

“Do You See What I See?”

That’s the aim – to share a vision and a goal and create some fantastic partnerships.

"Who's gonna pay attention to your dreams?”

Well our dreams are your reality so our aim is to make sure everyone pays attention – then we know we’re doing it right.

"Tell us, General - is it party time? If it is, can we all come?"

You sure can. And if it’s our party, you’re all on the list. If it’s someone else’s, we’ll have to ask of course.

“What would you do if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me?”

Nope, but we’d try to find a really tactful way of saying your strengths may lie in other areas. We’re no stars of the stage which is why we do our thing behind the scenes – a much safer place for us to be.

“Will you still love me tomorrow?”

Of course – we’ll love you as long as you love us and we can all have a blast doing what we’re doing.

“Is there life on Mars?”

Very, very possibly……but we don’t think it’s made up of lots of little green men…….

Clients (Past and Present)

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Brand Partnerships

Our clients have put a great deal of care and passion into creating activities that excite them and those they share them with.

We get to the heart of those activities, immersing ourselves in their world. We observe, participate and ask.

This means we get to know what will work for them and what won’t.

We do the same with the brands we work with. We get to the heart of their ideals and objectives.

And, in time, we begin to see and feel a connection.

So we discuss it.

Test it.

Try to break it.

And if the connection remains, we start to get creative.

Which is the bit that really excites us.

Creative Consultancy

We build campaigns around activities that will share a connection.

With a passion.

We use technology, people and whatever means necessary to share the excitement and ideas of our clients work as well as our own projects.

And we build them in a way that we can measure and assess.

So we can see just how well that connection worked.

Whether we start with a blank sheet or drop in to a project at any stage of its development, we provide creative input across a number of areas;

Artist Consultancy

The process of launching artists and releasing music is no longer the domain of record labels. More and more, artists are taking control of their early careers using a variety of tools to build up their own profiles and fan bases, release music and tour.

We have a number of partners that support artists going this route and provide overall management of the process including building the right team.

We support artists just starting out to those looking for support on a full album cycle and provide advice and support both in house and through our partners.

We have a full range of Label Services covering all aspects of launch and release.

Administrative Publishing
App Development
Equipment Hire
Legal Advice
Music Registration
Music Synchronisation
PR Online
PR Traditional
Producer Selection
Radio Plugging National
Radio Plugging Regional
Rehearsal Space
Royalties Consultancy
Social Media
Street Marketing
Studio Selection
TV Plugging
Video Planning and
Production Web Design and