Independents Day

Discussion, debate and inspiration for the independent venue community...

Independents Day is the annual stakeholder event designed to support the independent venue community in the UK, presented by Independent Venue Week and Independent Venue Community.

The event is a chance for independent venues, promoters and our partners from all over the UK to come together in-person for a range of sessions and activities specifically curated to benefit the long-term future of these cultural hubs that are the lifeblood of their local communities.

Both 2019 and 2022 editions have taken place at the 229 Venue on Great Portland Street in London, welcoming a range of attendees from independent venue team members, agents, promoters, labels, artists and various other music industry stakeholders. The event consists of panels, workshops, 1-1 sessions, networking and live performances that promote and inspire the spirit of live music and its ecosystem.

Take a look at our previous edition’s programmes to see the sort of panels and workshops we offer to our attendees….

2019 Programme | 2020 Programme | 2022 Programme



Sessions, led by various industry experts, on topics requested by our delegates and partners.


Smaller ‘breakout’ group sessions based on each panel that promotes further discussion and reflection on the topic.

1-1 Sessions

Bookable sessions with agents and funders to form valuable lasting connections with.


Spaces for stakeholders to come together to discuss, share and explore collaboration opportunities.

Live Performances

From artists of varying genres, sizes and backgrounds within our IVW/IVC community.


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Sharing Our Passion & Creativity With You, For You

With every project we take on, we carry three cornerstone principles to ensure we deliver in a way that is true to your vision and that resonates with your target audience…


Our projects are about quality over quantity and creating partnerships that represent the spirit of the live music ecosystem that we can help elevate.


Every project is different and yours should stand out. We tailor-make your campaign attuned to your vision through your own voice.


We are committed to delivering each project we work on with care and integrity, to a calibre that you will be proud to be represented by.

what we do

Marketing Strategy

We build campaigns around activities that share a real connection to its audience, in a way that we can measure and assess. Whether we start with a blank sheet or drop in to a project at any stage of its development, we provide creative input with every step.

  • Planning

    We listen to and work with you, immersing ourselves in your world and vision to design a campaign that represents you in the way you want.

  • Delivery

    We use bespoke combinations of digital and in-person activity to ensure your project creates meaningful results, both quantitive and qualitative.

  • Evaluation

    And we don't stop there....we ensure you know exactly how your campaign went with a range of valuable data and insights that you can use for future projects.

what we do

Brand Partnerships

Two voices are louder than one, and we want everyone to hear your message. That’s why creating meaningful partnerships between you and and trusted, authentic brands is so important to us and an essential part of our offering.

  • Negotiations

    We source partnerships that are the right fit for your project, who share your ideals and vision to create synergy and maintain integrity.

  • Delivery

    No "badge slapping" - we are in the business of facilitating tangible activity that both you and your partner can be proud of, that makes a difference.

  • Evaluation

    Assessing the quality of connection is vital to improving it, sparking fresh ideas for future collaborations and new partnerships alike - all for you to benefit from.

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