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2014 – Present

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Independent Venue Community (IVC) supports, nurtures and celebrates independent music venues and the communities around them, on and off stage, all year round. 

We do this by bringing a programme of activity, aimed at new audiences, with a strong emphasis on under-served communities and those in low socio-economic areas, to be delivered in the venues during the day, throughout the year, around the country. 

The programme unlocks the potential of venues and the talent of the communities around them, by developing new skills, opening up opportunities to engage with like-minded people to enjoy arts and culture and create greater local community spirit on a national scale.

The programme aims to help further establish venues as vital hubs for arts & culture, at the heart of their local community. Delivering this programme within venues during the day, when so many are closed, feels like a natural progression and an untapped opportunity.

IVC demonstrates and highlights why they are cultural hubs for learning, creativity, arts and culture more widely, connecting like-minded people in their local community of all ages, backgrounds, abilities, ethnicities, sexualities, genders, skills and walks of life.

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