Case Studies

MPG Awards

2014 & 2015

We produced the Music Producers Guild Awards at the Park Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel in Vauxhall, London for two years which took place at the end of Jan/start of Feb.

It was at this time that the very first Brit Awards was given to Producer of the year at the awards, ahead of the main Brits Award Show later that month.

Our role was full event management of the awards as well as the MPG Awards Judging Day, all sponsorship and brand partnerships, venue liaison, presenter and guest presenters, VIP management and press and media support.

450 guests

Overall event concept & delivery

  • Liaising with client to ascertain precise requirements and all client liaison
  • Managing budget & Associated Admin
  • Source Awards
  • Event design & theme
  • Sourcing Sponsorship
  • Advertising
  • Brochure design and production
  • Organise Marketing
  • Organise PR
  • Organise Ticketing
  • Collate awards content
  • Sourcing Presenters & guests
  • Producing detailed itineraries for Sponsors / Presenters & Guests in relation to award presentation
  • Source Performance on night (band/artist)
  • Scripts
  • Manage and source all materials
  • Source support staff
  • Ensuring insurance, legal requirements adhered to
  • Itineraries (including timelines, venues, production & suppliers)
  • Producing detailed event running order for production & all team / call sheets for artists
  • Artist liaison re. technical rider
  • Ensure Health & Safety obligations are adhered to
  • Stage management
  • Backstage management
  • Hotel liaison to include; Menu tasting / Dietary requirements / Table plans / FOH on show day / All hotel logistics / payment schedules
  • Post show venue negotiations and finalising costs
  • Managing on the day supplier/contractor relationships
  • Artist liaison
  • Assist with event design & theme
  • Assist with sourcing support staff
  • Green room requirements from hotel
  • On the night production liaison / Sound / AV / Lighting / Staging

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